You're So Sweet!

I cracked up this morning while speaking to a friend about a few things and she said to me, "You're so sweet!" Why did I laugh? Well, I know myself.

She didn't know how I struggled early this morning with my mental mess of grumbling, mumbling, and complaining about trivial matters in my home.

She didn't know I had to fight ugly thoughts about my husband because he didn't wash dishes before he left the house.

She didn't know I fought the spirit of laziness - it's Friday!

She didn't know I struggled with being Christ Controlled before I got out of bed.

I'm laughing now as I think about her comment. I just have one thing to say, "Thank God for Jesus."

My prayer EVERY morning is that God will hide me from myself and fill me with His love, His compassion, His patience, His understanding, His views, His thoughts, and His ways.

Hey, it works for me because people think I'm SO SWEET!