Dirty Dish Rag

Yesterday was a very full day for me and this morning when I got out of bed, I felt like a dirty dish rag - completely limp. I planned to see my husband off to work and return to my warm bed, but I made the mistake of saying my prayers and my desire to go back to bed was gone. Plugging into The Power Source will do this. I stayed awake and began my exercise routine. After a few songs and a few 'so you think you can dance' movements of my hips, I felt restored.

Although I know the power of prayer, I'm always amazed with the benefits and results of prayer in my life - it makes a huge difference in my day. With all the hats mothers wear, we also need to be covered with a blanket of prayer.

Wife - mother - teacher - nurturer - mediator - taxi-driver - cheerleader - nutritionist - cook - manager - accountant - supporter - encourager - comforter - caretaker - protector - judge - coach - maid - nurse - referee, etc...

Whew! Do we really do all these things plus more? I don't know about you, but I know I'm not capable of doing anything without a power source. That dirty dish rag feeling I experienced this morning is who I am and without plugging into my power source, I'd still be held captive by my warm covers.

May you have a Thriving Thursday and don't forget to plug into your power source.