Don't Give Up!

While talking to a fellow mother recently, she was at the end of her rope in dealing with her teenage son. I'm hearing more and more of this lately as I try to maintain my own sanity with my thirteen year old. One thing I know for sure... this is a stage he MUST go through and most of his actions are normal - they are to be expected.

Knowing this, I'm teaching myself to be slow in my reactions and remember it's part of the process. I also remind myself and the crazy things I did as a teenager - my goodness, was that ME?

Loving our teens through their growing pains takes a lot of energy, time, patience, understanding, and compassion, but the return will be well worth it. Exhausting? Of course! Don't forget to plug into the Ultimate Power Source and get charged up!

This new season in my son's life is a new season in my life of parenting and spiritual growth. The only way I lose this battle (any battle) is if I give up. I must persevere and prepare daily for strange attitudes, looks of laziness, and repeating myself over and over again. Hey, I might as well get on board and enjoy the ride because I've got another son to follow.

Hang in there moms; don't give up!