Follow Me

I enjoy blog browsing, and one of my favorite things to do is to see who is 'following' who. If you aren't familiar with blogging, one of the fun features is to have a list of viewers who enjoy your blog or find it interesting enough to come back often enough that they sign up to 'follow' your blog.

I haven't incorporated the 'follow' feature on this blog, but I enjoy following a few other blogs.

Well, being the person that I am, I took the whole 'follow' feature to another level this morning - a spiritual level. Several thought provoking questions occupied my mind;

Could I place the 'follow' feature on my life?
Only if I place the popular bumper-sticker on my forehead... Don't follow me, I'm lost too!

Am I willing to open my entire life and allow others to follow?
The scary parts too?

What kind of woman am I to follow?
You might get dizzy with my monthly moods!

What kind of example am I for mothers to follow?
Follow MOMSWEB instead of LaVender (that's my name).

What about wives needing an example to follow? they have to hear my thoughts?

Would I want anyone to follow my actions and my footsteps throughout my day?
Can I clean up first?

These are questions I asked myself because I'm ALWAYS self-examining. I asked a few more questions...

What is different about the blogs I chose to follow?
Who are the women behind the blogs?
Do I admire them or is there something about them that I desire in my life?
Do I see myself in their blog posts? Why do I relate to the blogHER?

Anyway...after these crazy questions consumed my mind for a few minutes, I was happy to go back to blog browsing and just simply enjoy the blogs. Whew...too early for deep thoughts! Will I ever add the 'follow' feature to this blog? Maybe, but right now I'm just happy you dropped by to visit.

Have a joyful weekend in Motherhood and be careful who you follow - on and off the road/web!