Love Isn't Fair

After yesterday's post, it would be a dishonor to not share how my day went. First of all, I realized I've been enrolled into S.O.U.L. (School of Unconditional Love) This learning is more of a challenge than any college, technical, or military course I've ever taken. Good grief!

Last night before I fell asleep, I asked God how I did in showing love and the answer was that I did just enough to get by. My performance was average and everything I did was expected. know what? It's a week before Aunt Flo arrives and if I can get by without killing anyone that should count for some type of love. It isn't fair that I've been enrolled in S.O.U.L. while I deal with the horror of hormones. Talk about timing!

This morning, I was instructed to go out of my way to do something lovingly unexpected for my husband. At 4:00 a.m., the Holy Spirit nudged me and I felt led to get up and cook breakfast for hubby. I debated for 30 minutes whether to obey or not and finally got out of bed. For years, I woke up every morning before the chickens and cooked breakfast for hubby. Sometimes I even made him homemade biscuits. I did this until I felt taken for granted. He began expecting it and putting in menu requests like I was a short order cook.

Nevertheless, I prepared breakfast for hubby. I realized I missed doing this for him and then Ms. Flesh appeared out of nowhere.

What if he expects this tomorrow?
What if he begins taking me for granted again?
Does he appreciate this?
What about me?

I received several immediate responses in my spirit, but one pricked my heart.

What if Jesus asked these questions on the cross?

Hmmm...Love isn't fair, but the benefits can't be measured.

Hubby was sent off to work with a happy heart and a full stomach. I've set the tone for the day, so let's see if I can continue when the boys wake up.

Have a Terrific Tuesday in Motherhood!