A Mother's Strength

The name MOMSWEB (MW) had absolutely nothing to do with the Internet or web presence when it was first formed. We were a hard copy newsletter with no website. The name was to signify the strength of mothers when we bond and encourage one another. I related this strength to the strength of a spider web. If you can get past the spider itself, there is much to learn and appreciate from its web. There are countless types and classifications of spiders and each of their webs have remarkable strength and fascinating properties.

With that said, it's comical to me how MW has used web presence to encourage and bond with mothers. The name now fits perfectly with our use of the web. Not only is MW a source of encouragement, but I'm amazed at the number of Internet relationships I've built and receive encouragement from.

Mothers have been given an extra ounce of strength and grace to carry out our role and when we come together there is no stopping us!

Be encouraged today and encourage another mother along the way.

Ethiopian Proverb - "When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion."