My Reality Show

Don’t look now, but there’s a hidden camera that’s been following you for a few days now. Not only has it watched your every move and interaction with family, friends, co-workers, and strangers, but you've been on reality television for everyone to see. You’ve had several tests and people have watched the decisions you made and your response to various difficult situations.

Before you start looking for the camera, I’m joking, but actually thought about this happening to me after watching a movie this weekend. The movie was about a dirty cop that had a partner with a heart for God, people, and for doing the right thing. One day on the job, the good cop committed a deceitful act witnessed by his partner, the dirty cop. The dirty cop lost all hope for his chances of changing. Although our eyes shouldn’t be on man; the actions of a man /woman is what will lead others to the Father.

I wonder if my reality television show would be an encouragement or a hindrance to others. Would I be an example to mothers as they watched me discipline and teach my children? Would I be an example to wives as they watched me interact with my husband? What kind of temperance would I display? Would I show compassion and love to everyone? What about patience and kindness outside my home? Can I skip the segment when Aunt Flo visits?

I really don’t need a television show to be mindful of my actions because someone is always watching me. Even when I’m alone, some One is watching me. We will all stumble in this life, so it’s important not to look at the actions of others, but to look in the mirror at our Self. God wants to depend on us to do the right thing.

Hey, if I do receive an offer for a reality television show, will you join me?

Romans 14:12,13 (NIV)

So then, each of us will give an account of himself to God. Therefore let us stop passing judgment on one another. Instead, make up your mind not to put any stumbling block or obstacle in your brother's way.