A Possible Addiction?

I KNOW I'm spending a lot of time on my blog - posting, adding, taking away, leaving comments, etc. Although this blog is a business, I still get 'caught up' in the excitement. I truly enjoy this!

More than once this morning while blog browsing, I've been prompted, by other bloggers, to monitor my time on the computer. Although I try to blog before the boys awake, I don't have to check emails and view my blog between dishes, cooking, and laundry. Good grief, is it that serious? No, it isn't...and if I'm not careful; I'll be addicted. My gift of writing can be abused and where is the glory that God expects?

This morning, I visited a Soft Place to Land, and look what I found! Do I need further confirmation or will I ignore the prompting to monitor my time? Oops! I mean, God's time?