Update on S.O.U.L.

I'm still enrolled in the School Of Unconditional Love and I have to admit that I've flunked quite a few tests, but I've also passed a few. It's a shame to admit this, but the one person I have the most difficulty showing unconditional love to is my husband. Hubby's nickname is Sugar Bear and I gave him that pet name because he is such a sweet, gentle, caring man. He's very touchy feely (spell check), which is quite opposite of me, and he's a lot of fun to be with. So what's the problem you ask?

I come from an abusive relationship with a crazy, drug using, malt liquor beer drinking, alcoholic boyfriend and brought MUCH baggage to my marriage. Sugar Bear has had to pay for my past over and over again. S.O.U.L. is God's way of delivering me from my past and allowing Him to have his way with my heart. Why so long to seek freedom? SELF! Silly, self-centered Self. I validated my inability to express love with my past, which is wrong. I finally got sick of self - yuck!

Why am I sharing this? I've received many, private emails regarding husbands, so I'm not alone. It doesn't take abuse to realize marriage is a challenge - we all know, husbands are a challenge. They show us what we're made of. Ouch! We all have something in us that needs to die. Whether it's our past, an addiction, expectations of others, a character flaw, a grudge, or a simple hang-up, it's something. If you don't think so, there is a test around the corner that will reveal something quite unpleasant within you. Whatever it is, it hinders the free flow of God's love through us.

S.O.U.L. isn't easy at all, but I'm enjoying the process thoroughly. The lessons are challenging, yet rewarding and each day a little of my self fades. I have an abundance of self, so I may be in the school a little longer than expected. I’m reminded not to consider hubby’s actions, but to simply do my part because I have to answer for...Self.

S.O.U.L. will not only free me in my marriage, but every other relationship in my life. There are seats available in S.O.U.L. and I'll be happy to save you one...oh yea, I need to worry about myself. (hee-hee).

Have a loving day in motherhood!