Validate Him!

Hubby and I facilitate a couples' class titled The Fighting Marriage. I must admit we are well qualified to lead the class due to many years of experience in learning how to fight for our marriage and deal with the expected conflict of two people becoming one.

Last night it was mentioned by a couple of men how important it is for men to be validated - acknowledged - confirmed - and a few other words that keep their egos from cracking. As women, we can try to understand this, but we'll never understand the magnitude of validating our men as the PROVIDER, PROTECTOR, and PRIEST of his home - as king of his castle. Validation of the 3Ps is what feeds a man's sense of accomplishment.

Last night was a reminder for me (and a few other wives) to remember to tell hubby how much I appreciate his hard work in the 3Ps and that he's the greatest husband in the world. Yes, we all have the greatest husband in the world and even if we don't think so, it's our job to make them think so.

Sending our husbands off to work with a special 'endorsement' may be better than sending them off with breakfast!