Welcome to Blogger World

Quite a few years ago, while sitting in my husband's hometown library in Oklahoma, I noticed a woman surrounded by children. I sat and watched her with amazement because she was so patient and loving with these children of all ages. Not only that, she was a beautiful woman and I could tell she was a very sweet person. I watched her for a while then boldly walked over to her and introduced myself. I told her I had been watching her and assumed she homeschooled. I was correct and I was also correct in my judgement of her personality - she was sweet as pie and welcomed my inquiring questions. We exchanged email addresses and she soon began to write for the MW E-Newsletter.

Our long distance relationship has blessed me over the years as she shares herself and her family through her family newsletters and our emails to each other. I've only pressured her a small bit (smile) to share her prose more through blogging and she has finally joined the world of blogging.

Please help me welcome Kim to blogger world. Visit Kim by clicking here