Are you ART?

One of my favorite readings, A Paradigm For Motherhood, is written by my mentor, Betty Winters. Although she lives in California and our conversations are limited to an occasional email, she has always been my example of the Titus II Woman. I can think of her and be encouraged.

I use to watch her walk into the church and gracefully greet people. She is a pleasant woman. She's straight-forward, yet humble. She is bold, yet knows when to speak. She isn't afraid to correct, but is always loving. She is a serious woman and anyone who knows her, knows not to approach her with petty stuff - she didn't play, however, she was approachable.

A Paradigm of Motherhood is a six part series that I frequently refer to on my challenging journey of Motherhood and becoming a Titus II Woman. Here is a short excerpt of Part V of the series titled, Accepting One Another. I chose this to share because as women, we often find it difficult to accept one another with our many different styles of mothering, being a help-meet, and just being ourselves.

"One of the greatest ways to extend acceptance to others is to be approachable. No one will approach you if they feel they will not be accepted. You cannot begin to encourage those you have not accepted. It is my greatest joy to let young women know that I am (ART), approachable, reachable, and touchable."

Click her to read Accepting One Another in its entirety.