Are You Satisfied?

Are you satisfied with your home life? Your marriage? With your children? How about your job and/or career?

Sunday morning, I awoke early to exercise before going to worship service. I enjoy exercising to spiritual music because I focus more on God than exercising, but for some reason, things were different during this session.

Although I was the only one awake, I found it difficult to keep my mind on Jesus. I kept focusing on things around me. There were clothes on the sofa that needed hanging up, the dining room table was full of my business supplies, the spots on the carpet were yelling for spot removal, and I kept watching the clock and counting the minutes I had left before I had to cook breakfast and wake everyone for the Sunday morning regime.

One of my favorite songs came on the radio, I’m So Satisfied. As I listened to the words, my exercise turned into praise. It’s funny how concentrating on the Master made everything around me seem menial. The words reminded me that I have no mental space for STUFF. As a wife and mother, I do have many concerns and many people depending on me. I have many loads to carry, yet must remember that I have no control over anything. I am merely an empty vessel being used my God as He raises His children, keeps His marriage, and maintains His home. My job is to follow God – not try to lead Him. My job is to stay focused on Him – not my to-do list. My job is to ask for His help – not attempt to do everything on my own. My job is to work in His power – not my own. My job is to acknowledge Him as the Master – not try to be the master of my home.

As soon as my focus turns to STUFF, dirty laundry, dishes, finances, and other people become my priority. The mess around me was still there, but that’s it…it was just there just as everything else is in my life. STUFF will always try to steal a mother’s focus and snatch her peace. I almost allowed the enemy to use the blessings around me to cause discontent in my heart; but at the same time it was a wonderful remedial lesson on how NOT to forfeit my peace and how satisfied I am – with Jesus alone. Keeping my mind on The Master always makes everything alright!

Have a marvelous Monday in Motherhood!

Isaiah 26:3 (NKJV)

You will keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You.