Forgiving The Other Woman

I have permission to share this story -

I have a friend, LadyK, whose husband has recently left home and is having an affair. She is devastated and some days finds it hard to get through the day. Crying uncontrollably, she calls me for any consolation I can offer. Because I haven't walked in her shoes, my encouraging words seem empty, but I do know the power of God and believe in his promises.

Last night, I felt led to call LadyK to pray with her. She mentioned she had been reading her word and praying, which explained the unusual joy in her voice. LadyK led us in prayer and it was the most humble prayer I've ever heard. It's one thing to come out of a storm and praise God, but it's the awesome presence of God in one's life to praise him while going through a storm such as this.

When LadyK found out about the other woman, she wanted to approach her and gotta know LadyK. She wanted to beat her in the ground, call her a few names, and then beat her deeper into the ground. LadyK's prayer showed the power of God working in her life through this difficult storm.

Tears rolled down my face as LadyK's heart cried out to God. LadyK began praying for the other woman. She forgave the other woman and asked God to touch the other woman's heart and draw her closer to Jesus. She prayed for protection over the other woman and her husband. She didn't ask God to bring her husband back, yet asked God's will to be done. She told God that if it was his will to restore her marriage, she would welcome her husband with loving and forgiving arms - leaving the past in the past. LadyK then asked for forgiveness for her neglectful part in her marriage. Finally, LadyK thanked God for touching her marriage because it was bringing her to a closer relationship with her Savior. She said, "Lord, have your way."

Why am I sharing this personal prayer? That's's not personal and LadyK even said it was okay to use her name, but I chose not to. LadyK knows her pain will help someone else. She understands this storm is not about her, but to be shared with other women. Did she always feel this way? Of course not, but she is definitely striving to be Christ controlled and doing her part to be a peacemaker in this mess. Her prayer of humility, forgiveness, and unconditional love in an area most women (and men) won't touch, blessed me and many lessons were learned.

Could I do this? Hmmm...immediately? I don't think so. Jesus would definitely have to work on my heart in a mighty way. I believe I would eventually say the prayer, but deep down inside, I'd want my husband and the other woman to pay and feel pain. Maybe this is why LadyK led the prayer and not me.