I Finally Have a Cook!

I've always told my husband that if I had a choice of having a cook or a maid, I'd choose a cook in a heartbeat. I dislike cooking and if I can be completely honest, I hate to cook. Auuugh! I use to pray for the desire to cook, but after ten years of praying, I realized the answer to my prayer must be in my own actions and attitude. My family had to eat, so I might as well JUST DO IT. I sure didn't see a paid cook in sight!

Well, yesterday I received a special favor. I was extremely busy and by 2 p.m., I was exhausted. I still had a full evening ahead of me and had not thought about dinner; I literally forgot about it. My now eleven year old asked me if I wanted him to cook dinner. Oh my goodness! Are you serious? Please cook dinner! You don't even have to ask! My baby boy began planning the meal - joyfully. Did I mention he loves to cook? What an example he is for his Mama.

He had his meat, vegetable, and starch and I watched him run around the kitchen seasoning, stirring, cutting, and even plating. I realized I finally had the cook I wanted - and he's free! He was living with me the whole time, but had to grow into the role.

After he finished running around the kitchen, his little legs were tired. He said, "Mama, I didn't know it was going to be that hard." I selfishly encouraged him by saying, "Sweetie, the more you do it, the easier it becomes."

It's funny how I desired something I already had. God delivers in a way only he can get the credit; His ways are not our ways... Thank God for my cook!