It Was Time

Me - "Son, wash the garbage can out and sweep the garage."

Son - "I did."

Me - "I'm looking at four pieces of paper on the ground. What did you use to sweep it with?"

Son - "The small broom."

Me - "What?"

Son - "I swept around the garbage."

Me - Praying - "Move the car out of the garage and sweep the garage." I thought moving the car would be an incentive.

Son - With attitude "Why do I have to move the car?"

Me - Did he just question me? "So you can sweep the garage."

Son - Now using hand motion - "Why do I have to move the car?"

Me - Raising voice, speaking sternly, and tossing car keys at son - "Son, what part of what I'm saying do you not understand? MOVE THE CAR AND CLEAN THE ENTIRE GARAGE! Getting louder - MOVE...THE....CAR....AND....CLEAN....THE....GARAGE!"

Son - Catches keys and mumbles angrily under breath.

Me - Head turning like the exorcist and not praying - "Give me the keys. Go pick a belt."

Son received ten licks and is now whistling while cleaning the garage. He also put on a red hooded sweatshirt (that I hate). Mom came to blog about it. Sigh....

Questioning authority and talking back is not allowed in this home. Son is thirteen and is well into the teenage funk. He hasn't received the rod in a loooooong time. This is the second time this week, we've had conflict with obedience. I do everything to avoid the rod, but this was time.

Thanks for listening. I feel better now. By the way, I didn't talk at him while he received his ten licks. I distributed his award for behavior and left the room.