It Works!

This will be my final post about S.O.U.L. (School Of Unconditional Love). All I have to say works!

For the past few days I've noticed a change in my thoughts, which of course lead my actions.
The private petty battles in my head are gone.

I see hubby through different eyes. The little things that use to bother me no longer get my attention.

I thought I was a loving wife, but S.O.U.L. showed me I fell waaaay short!

I now have a peace and ease in serving my husband. I have a willingness to help him more. Before, I had to mentally put forth effort to show simple acts of love. SELF-ISH

My secret is to stay focused on God's love for me.
God loves me in spite of my Self.
He loves me through my sin, my faults, shortcomings, and all my character flaws.
He forgives me over, and over, and over again.

Surely, with all this love I have, it can be shared. No one should be denied God's unconditional love. Love really does conquer all.