Marital Mess

The previous post titled, Forgiving the Other Woman, stirred much conversation and emotions in many readers. I also received personal emails regarding it.

It sure is good to know we're not alone in our marital matters - every marriage WILL HAVE a little mess to endure, but that mess will bless if we just remember a few things...

1. Keep our eyes on God and not our circumstances. It doesn't matter what's going on, God is still in control!

2. Our marriage doesn't belong to us; it belongs to God. He can use it as he desires to bring glory to his name.

3. Marriage is warfare! We've already been promised the victory. Don't give up!

4. The further the enemy tries to pull your marriage apart, the closer God brings it together.

5. Prayer and Praise are secret weapons. Don't wait for a storm to make prayer and praise a part of your marriage.

I thank God for those who aren't ashamed to share just a little of their mess. Not only does it help to know we're not alone, but it encourages so many others who may never open their mouths to ask for encouragement.

Please visit my blogger buddy, Lisa at Abiding There, as she shares her story, Tragedy Averted.