A Neglected Body

I've been feeling so tired the last couple of days and I know exactly why. I joined an exercise group that meets twice a week and I've been slacking on my own exercise at home. Twice a week just won't cut it for a busy wife and mother - not this one!


I neglect my body for one reason - LAZINESS. It's so simple to take a walk around the neighborhood, walk in place while watching television, or do my favorite exercise, which is to dance. Well, that's what I did this morning. I put on some music and began to move my body and BEHOLD....I suddenly felt energized! Why, oh why do I forfeit energy and peace of mind with my laziness?

I'm being hard on myself because I know better. I'm usually faithful with exercise, but Aunt Flo is quickly approaching and I allow her to suck the life out of me even before she arrives. I know exercise is the answer and this morning I did the right thing. I couldn't handle another day like yesterday - feeling limp like a dirty dishrag. I was so tired, I couldn't think straight and I was irritable.

If I say I love Jesus, I must also show that in every aspect of my life and this includes taking care of my temple. Not only does it show obedience, but proper temple maintenance makes a more joyful wife and mother.

Today will be a better day and I hope I've learned my lesson - AGAIN. Stop being lazy and move those tired bones!