Someone Is Watching!

Be veeery careful; someone is always watching you. I recently visited the blog of a young woman's journey to Motherhood, titled Blueberry Filkins. Yep, she's pregnant with her first child and of course this excited me. She also returned the visit and I wondered what she thought as she perused my blog home.

Hmmm...I've been a mother for 13 years and she'll read that I still struggle with laundry, dishes, and juggling errands and activities. Hmmm...I've been married for 15 years and she'll read that I've been recently enrolled in the School of Unconditional Love. Hmmm...should I dress up my blog a bit and soften the edges? No. I am what I am and if I'm going to be a blogger buddy, I must be an honest blogger buddy. No, I don't have a wonderful husband and two amazing sons. I have an extremely high maintenance husband and two sons that try my last nerve, but I love them all to pieces (lol).

Ahhhh...that felt good. The truth shall set you free! Yep, strangers are lurking and you never know who may pop in on your blog home. No time to pick up the toys and run the dust bunnies away, they're already watching! This way they see the reality of Motherhood - the joys, the pains, the challenges, and the never ending rewards. I think this is called....LIFE.