Tears of Joy

This morning, thoughts of a few women I know brought tears of joy to my heart.

More than a few are dealing with rocky marriages, even more are battling depression, one is dealing with extremely disobedient children, one is dealing with a life threatening disease, and another is praying for continued strength to deal with her husband's recent open heart surgery and long recovery process. I must also mention one who is grieving the loss of her mother and another the loss of a daughter.

Thinking of these women made me realize I have nothing to complain about - no thing. Is my life perfect? Ha! Heck no! I deal with issues in my marriage and with my children just like the next woman. I do, however, realize there is always someone going through a more difficult situation. The tears of joy came as I praised God for my life - my home, marriage, children, and even the cross He has chosen for me to bear.

It's good to know Jesus. He is truly the center of my joy and is my only source of strength - regardless of what He has planned for my life. As you consider your own issues, think of someone else going through a difficult situation and your problems won't seem so bad after all.

Have a Thankful Tuesday in Motherhood!