Don't Should On Me

My father once told me advice was like spoiled milk or fish - it stinks. It wasn't until I was an adult and began giving advice that Daddy's words became truth.

I recently had to apologize to a fellow mother for telling her what she 'should' do in a situation. Although she called for help, I should have immediately directed her to her Creator and prayed with her, as I usually do, yet Miss Flesh was pretty strong-willed during our conversation. I'm thankful I recognized my actions because adverse advice is more than dangerous.

Women are notorious for offering advice without thinking. We mean good in offering tips and hints on raising children, marriage, health, and everything else we aren't experts in, but at the same time, we don't know what is BEST for others. Let the truth be known...we don't know what's best for us!

Only God knows exactly what we need in every aspect of our life, so He must be consulted. Yes, it's okay for me to share how I handle certain situations and offer encouragement through my experiences, but there is a boundary to acknowledge and it's a very fine line.

There is no better advice than spiritual guidance through the Holy Spirit and several things have come to mind;

- I must know when to speak and when not to speak.

- I must pray before opening my mouth.

- I must know the difference between spiritual wisdom and carnal knowledge.

- I must remember there is a God who wants me to get out of the way, so He can do His job.

What have I learned? Don't 'should' on others. You should do should do that...maybe you should think about this...What I SHOULD do is direct them to the One who KNOWS what they should do and mind my business!

Have a wonderful Wednesday in Motherhood and try not to should on anyone!