I Am Not A Robot

I can't really put my finger on what exactly has been keeping me busier than usual, but this week has been quite a full week. Let me correct myself, I haven't been busy, I've been very, very productive. There's a difference you know!

I was so tired last night that I left dirty dishes in the sink, wet clothes in the washer, wet clothes in the dryer, and clothes on the sofa. Hubby and I walked our daily four miles on top of an already full day and by nine o'clock, I was too pooped to pop!

As I dragged my tired body to my bedroom, I stopped to check on second born - he was peacefully sleeping. I knew he had not taken his evening inhaler, so I woke him up to take it. My sweet, sleepy eleven year old tiredly asked, "Mama, can you get it for me?"

What do you think I did?

a. Acted like a loving. compassionate mother and walked down the hall, into the kitchen and back to my son's room with his inhaler.

b. Acted like a loving, helpful mother and told him I would walk in the dark with him to take his inhaler.

c. Acted like a loving, tired mother and told him to get it himself.

The answer is......

- My exact words to him were, "Boy, I can hardly help myself, you better get up!"

My family will exhaust me of all my energy IF I allow them to. They must think I have endless energy bottled up and kept on reserve especially for them.

I guess mothers do what we do so well, our family doesn't stop to think we get tired too!

I am not a robot! I am a human being!