Monday Meditation - Life Tools

Graduation is in the air! Commencement services, gifts, and balloons help celebrate the completion of various education goals of degrees, diplomas, and completion certificates. This is a wonderful time for many graduates, especially young adults as they prepare for adult life.

One day, I will attend the graduation service of my sons. Maybe then, I'll be excited, but right now, I'm grateful for a few more years of teaching and training.

"Intelligence plus character equals education."

I may not have the above quote verbatim, but it's one of my favorites by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I understand his strong expression for teaching and living a life of character.

Teaching character has always been a major component in my sons' home education. Academics are important and a degree is society's goal, but raising men of character is my goal. To teach my children reading, writing, and arithmetic without teaching them responsibility, determination, and perseverance would be robbing them of essential life tools. Virtue, dependability, and justice are also significant life tools. I could go on and on listing character qualities. Not only is it one of my favorite subjects to teach, but it's also the most difficult to teach - my actions speak louder than words.

A a mother, what character qualities will you teach(show) today? Punctuality, gentleness, flexibility, or patience? Hmmm...I may be in the learning seat today!

Have a marvelous Monday in Motherhood!