My Request

Our very special, once a year celebration day is almost here! Yippeeeeee! Yes, there's a tad bit of sarcasm here, but I am looking forward to my special day of recognition - Mother's Day.

Hubby knows I'm not the average bear, so he did the right thing and asked what I wanted for my special day. Without batting an eye or hesitation, I told him I wanted to be ALONE! He looked at me strangely while shaking his head, and made a comment about my selfish request, BUT he plans to grant my wish!

Before you start shaking your head in disgust also, hear me out! For quite a few years, every morning, my family has had a FULL breakfast cooked - except on Fridays. There is always a hot dinner waiting for hubby when he comes home tired from work - except on Fridays. For the past eight years, our sons have been homeschooled, which means I'm with them ALL day every day - including Fridays. Now, tell me why in the world would I want to spend MY day doing what THEY want to do? Ha! This mama wants to be ALONE with a veggie pizza on her lap. I also want possession of the remote control for just a few hours while I wear my "Mom Off Duty" button they gave me a couple years ago. I get excited just thinking about my special day!

Well, these are my plans, but as I type this, I'm thinking about my own mother living less than three hours away from me... this day isn't all about me is it?