A Pink Mistake

This week I told the boys that I was finished washing their clothes. I've told them this before, but this time I mean it - I think. At ages 11 and 13, they are more than capable of washing their own clothes and have been doing it for a couple of years now. For some reason, when I see their laundry basket overflowing, I automatically find myself helping them out and washing a load or two for them. What can I say? It's the Mama in me!

Well, the dirty socks stop here! I have to remind myself that I'm raising some girl's husband and I want to help HER out also. Yesterday, while doing laundry, Second-born was nice enough to throw a few of his parents' clothes in the wash with his and wouldn't you know it...beautiful shades of pink showed up on some of our clothes. I slowly picked up the new pink items and thankfully only a few old items were ruined and the collar of hubby's favorite red golf shirt - oops! I haven't shown him yet either.

I know I've explained and showed both boys how to separate laundry, but sometimes learning better by making mistakes is more effective. I try to remember this as I attempt to take advantage of every teaching opportunity - even laundry. I can talk and coach them all day, but they've got to make their own choices and some of them will be mistakes. Some will hurt and some will offer a soft shade of pink that they can live with, but will be reminded not to make that particular choice again.

Even as mothers, we can share our mistakes with new moms and moms-to-be, but creating their own shades of pink is the making of true life lessons.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday in Motherhood!