Baby Steps

Last night, firstborn was shocked to see me eating something late at night. It made me feel good because I haven't eaten anything past six o'clock for a few days - well, with the exception of last night. I was actually fasting in the evenings with a friend and the physical benefits of the fast have been great. Not only have I not been going to bed with a full stomach, but my food has time to digest, which makes me feel better. This is definitely something I want to continue. It's amazing how making small steps towards doing the right things easily turn into habits.

Hubby and I have been walking four miles in the evening and I've recently picked up a light jog. I'm not training to be a marathon runner, but I am trying to get off my high blood pressure medicine - I couldn't escape my gene pool. Not only has walking helped lower my blood pressure, but I've benefited greatly from the the consistent exercising. My favorite form of exercise is still dancing, yet that small step toward striving to do the right thing led to four mile walks - another good habit.

I want to continue creating good habits in every area of my life - mentally, physically, financially, and especially spiritually. For whatever reason, some things are easier for me to do than others, but my Heavenly Father has already shown me that I'm equipped to do what I need to do. Making these baby steps will also impact my entire household. A mother is a strong influence in the home and our children will most likely follow our actions more than our words.

Loving, forgiving, eating, exercising, reading, and living a daily lifestyle of worship are just a few areas I'm making small steps to improve my walk. I know if I'm faithful with the smaller steps, my personal challenge won't seem unattainable. My journey is about making small steps in my life to make a bigger impact on my home and the paths of others I cross - small steps that will be pleasing to God.

With that said, for those of us making baby steps towards a healthier lifestyle, please visit my friend, Sandy, for her unveiling of Mom's Fighting Fat.

Judges 18:6 (NIV)
..."Go in peace. Your journey has the LORD's approval."

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