A Lasting Impression

Hubby snapped an unexpected picture of me at 6:45 a.m. this morning. Thank God I was fully dressed with accessories! I try hard to leave a lovely impression on my husband in the morning and this time it payed off royally. Whew! Can you imagine if ....I won't even go there.

I have to remind myself that although I don't work outside the home, I am fully employed. My home business and my role as a wife and mother is definitely WORK, therefore, I treat my job just as any outside job - I get up on time and get dressed for the work day.

I also have to remind myself that lasting impressions do their job - they last. This is another reason I get up and get dressed. I don't want my husband to have a lasting impression of me in my pajamas or a raggedy robe, dragging with morning breath, and sleep in my eyes. He's leaving the house and will see many beautiful women dressed nicely and smelling of sweet perfume. What lasting smell will he have of me? Sheets? Nooo way, this hubby will always have a lovely, lasting impression of his wife - unless it's one of those mornings I'm fighting a funk and couldn't care less about an impression - these mornings come monthly.

Of course, this is a different story with all women saying goodbye to their husbands in the morning. If you're in bed when he leaves, it's okay; just be in bed and sexy! If you're in pajamas when he leaves, that's okay also; just look good in those pajamas.

Let's face it, men are visual and they enjoy looking at beautiful things - especially beautiful women - that's their nature! With that said, try to leave a lovely impression on your husband. Remember, this also includes what comes out of our mouth. Ouch!

Have a wonderful day in Motherhood!