This may not be comical to you, but every time I think about it I chuckle. One day this week while seeing hubby off to work, he told me if I wanted something to do, I could put some fertilizer on the grass. I busted out in laughter - Did he say if I WANT something to do? As if I don't already have enough to do! When he heard me laugh, he said, "I know you have things to do, but this is if you wanted something else to do." LOLOLOLOLOLOL

I laughed even harder and probably startled a few neighbors with my earsplitting laughter. It was sooo funny to me, but it also reminded me that hubby has no idea what my days are like. He will probably never grasp the scope of my days. He already doesn't believe the television doesn't come on until close to 2 p.m. Who has time to watch television?

Once again, I guess I make my job appear so easy that hubby thinks it is easy - NOT! We homeschool year round and although the workload is much lighter in the summer, schooling still takes time. Don't forget about the loads of laundry, dishes, other housework, errands to run, and meals to prepare including lunch when hubby calls unexpectedly (at the last minute) asking for a quick lunch. HA!

Oh, wait a minute! I forgot to mention the home business and my baking that I squeeze in when I can. Hey, I don't have time to sit here and do something I enjoy, I've got some yard work to do - NOT!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday in Motherhood!