Monday Meditation - Play Defense!

Instead of singing praises in church on Sunday, I was yelling, “Defense, defense, defense,” during another of firstborn’s summer basketball tournaments. He had two games and I yelled until my voice was hoarse. We won the first game and lost the second, but the weirdest thing happened as I loudly yelled for the team to play defense. For the first time ever, in all of my yelling years and seasons of sports, thoughts of how I play defense came to mind.

The game of basketball isn’t the only place where defense is important, but it’s especially important in the game of life. For example, just as I yelled at the team to put their hands up to block shots and distract the opposing team, putting my hands up (in praise) is my weapon against the enemy. Praise confuses the enemy and is my defense against his lame tactics and tricks. Praise is defense position!

Another example is how the team must focus on the player with the ball. I too, must keep my focus on my Heavenly Father and not my circumstances and the worldly distractions around me. Keeping my focus on my true power source is my defense to losing hope and faith.

Before firstborn gets on the court, I always tell him to stay prayerful. My prayer life is definitely one of my main defense weapons. A powerful prayer life leads to a powerful game of life – not only my life, but my entire family's life. A woman who covers her family in prayer is a woman who is playing an excellent game of defense.

I considered it an honor that I would be given such a powerful Life Lesson for LaVender on the basketball court and I had a hallelujah time yelling and improving my own defensive game!

Now, just because I'm off the court doesn't mean I can stop playing the game. Defense is necessary everyday and I definitely need it as I begin another week of battle in the game of life.

Are you playing defense?

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