I Won!!

Please don't be jealous! This is an award I've been striving to receive for a long time. It's fun to receive the blogging awards, but let's be honest; the awards aren't real, but they sure offer warm fuzzies don't they? Who is the judging panel behind the blog awards and what are their credentials? It doesn't really matter, because it's all in fun, however, I often wonder about those bloggers who have never received one of our fun, but fake awards.

Well, the award I've won is the real deal and when I found out about it, I almost fainted. Not only am I worthy, but I know I deserve it. I might sound a little proud and I am - veeery proud! I've worked my butt off to achieve this extraordinary award. Not only have I put in long, hard hours, but the effort alone has caused many tears and much frustration. Okay, enough of the suspense. I will share the title of my award with you, but first, please know I'm willing to pass it on and I have that privilege since I'm the first official recipient - that in itself is an honor!

Drum roll please....isn't this how I'm supposed to do it? Let's do it again...Drum roll please! I've won the Imperfect Mom Award for the first time in thirteen years of being a mother.

Below are the prerequisites for being chosen for this prestigious award:

- Admitting I've tried to be a perfect mom
- Admitting I've tried to be Super Mom
- Admitting my short-comings and inadequacies as a mother
- Admitting I sometimes get tired of my children
- Admitting I sometimes lose control and snap
- Admitting that I've compared myself to other mothers who APPEAR to have it together
- Admitting I tell my sons to leave me alone
- Admitting I sometimes want to do nothing all day
- Admitting I haven't cooked in two days and feel good about it
- Admitting I take long showers to be alone
- Admitting I laugh at mothers who APPEAR to never have a bad day
- Admitting how darn good it feels to admit I deserve the Imperfect Mom Award!

If you feel you too, qualify for this award, I'm more than honored to share it with you! I'm not selfish (except when it comes to time alone and chocolate), nor do I desire to walk the red carpet alone. Feel free to take the award and feel as proudly about it as I do! Who nominated me for this award? I did! Who was on the judging panel? I was! Who benefits from this award? I do! I am free from all pressures of trying to be the perfect mom. You too, can be free!

Happy Independence Day!

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