MOMSWEB Breaks Down

No, I'm not having a breakdown, but the MOMSWEB Mobile is definitely out of commission for a while. This car was donated to the MW organization and it's the car I drive to handle all mommy related business, which is just about everything I do. A couple days ago it stopped on me right after picking firstborn up from football practice - thank God for perfect timing! A couple weeks before this happened, I washed my cell phone. This morning, hubby left the state for the weekend, and you know what? I have perfect peace and I'm A.O.K. with my situation. I almost feel a sense of relief. Although hubby insists that I rent a car, I'm completely content with not being able to go out into the world. I've been ripping and running the last couple of weeks and the MW Mobile breaking down is a welcome matter. Just think,it could have been me!

Mothers are notorious for going, and going, and going like the energizer bunny, but one thing we sometimes forget that batteries go dead - we can also if we don't stop to re-charge, re-energize, and renew our minds. This weekend will be a much needed break from normal routine and I plan on taking full advantage of it. No car, no cell phone, no hubby...hmmm...anyone need two boys for a few days? That's okay; I'll just lock them up in their dirty room.

Have a peaceful day in Motherhood and don't forget to take a break before you break down!

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