SAHMs Don't Work

Hubby is wonderful about giving me topics to share. He touches the hearts and minds of mothers everywhere - in his own special way. Well, he did it again and lovingly gave me permission to share with you.

As usual, I was in the kitchen and he came to sit and chat with me. Out of the blue, he says how blessed I am to be at home all day. Hmmm...let's see where he's going with this. He begins to talk about his job and how he has to deal with people all day and I only have two people to deal with - our sons.

I shared with him that I had dealt with people all day - I spent more time out of the house than I did in the house. He continued to put his size thirteen in his mouth by saying I didn't have to go to work. EXCUSE ME? Does he still not acknowledge what I do? I thank God for Jesus because I've finally arrived at a point where this statement no longer angers me, unfortunately, I couldn't keep my mouth shut and fueled the conversation.

I told dear hubby I knew exactly how it feels to work since I did serve twenty years in the Navy. Do you know what he said? "Yeah, but that's different." He went on to explain why my twenty years is different from working, but I won't share that; it might upset you (LOL).

After thinking a few quick seconds, I said, "Ooooh, I don't do hard, physical labor! Is that it?" Nope, that wasn't it, the fact remains...I'm a woman at home. My husband is definitely old school and thinks the man is the Tarzan worker and the woman is...Jane, the woman.

Whatever job I do will never measure to his. I continued smiling and asked him if he acknowledges the fact that I've taught our children for eight plus years. Wouldn't that make me a teacher - sorta? Nope, that doesn't cut it either - no hard labor.

I then began to give my hubby kuddos for his stressful job and telling him how much I appreciate the sweat off his brows. After all, I have to remember, I am here to complete him, not compete with him.

I love my dear hubby and he loves me. God uses him to teach me humility over, and over, and over again (smile). We were made for each other and are able to have heated discussions like this and still love each other.

I've learned to validate myself and maintain a level of esteem that will satisfy my worth and value. I have to have perfect peace and be content with my role. After all, hubby isn't the only one that feels this way. There are many men and women who feel this way about women at home. Oh well, I don't have to prove anything to anyone and one day I'll get to the point where I don't feel a response is warranted to such statements.

Hey you know what? I have to go out of the city today. The usual hot dinner won't be on the table when hubby gets home. Love ya, hubby!

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