Stuck Like Glue

My eleven year old was my shadow this weekend. He was on me like white on rice and stayed on my heels. One morning, I was up early watering the grass and he came outside saying he looked all over the house for me. He then stood outside with me until I finished. Last night, I was in the backyard sitting and enjoying the quietness of nature and he came and sat next to me. I’m grateful he enjoys his mother’s company, but I must admit, he almost exhausted me this weekend. As I type this, he is nearby asking if he can read what I’m typing. Pretty funny, huh?

Of course, there was a Life Lesson for LaVender in the midst of this lack of personal space. I was reminded of the security a Mother gives a child. Our presence alone is comforting and offers a blanket of peace and safety. Children want to know where we are, what we’re doing, and sometimes why we’re doing it – just because. I remember sitting in front of my mother’s bathroom door waiting for her to come out. Hmmm…I guess what goes around comes around. Help!

There was also a subtle spiritual lesson learned in secondborn’s glue-like company. Just as he desires to be in my presence, I should also desire and seek the face of my Heavenly Father. I should always desire to be at His feet and in His presence, which offers comfort, safety, and peace. Unlike me, God continually welcomes my company. He knows this is the only hope for Miss Flesh to become a reflection of Him.

Yes, secondborn’s constant contact is now a reminder to be in constant contact with the Master – to seek his face – to crave His presence - to be stuck like glue.

Have a Marvelous Monday in Motherhood and remember...just as we gain strength from being alone with the Master, our children gain strength from being with their Mother.

Psalm 105:4 (NKJV)
Seek the Lord and His strength; seek His face evermore!

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