Tampons or Pads?

I prayed for boys and I haven't stopped thanking God for my two sons. I knew if I had a girl, she'd probably end up being like me and I couldn't handle living with another me. I also wanted to be the only queen in my castle, but little did I know this queen would be cleaning pee-stained toilets and smelling musty athletic gear. Gross! I love my boys and although we have to talk about pornography, masturbation, and waking up with erections, I don't have to show and tell about the monthly issue of blood - besides the fact that women have them. It would be difficult for me to tell my daughter to find the joy in having a period and to thank God for our natural cleansing process. I must be honest, I hate to see Aunt Flo coming and although I shouldn't allow her to control my social calendar; she does. Everything is planned around her unwelcomed visits.

When my cycle started, my mother told me I could get pregnant, gave me a pad, and I went outside to play - trying to pretend I didn't have a big, bulky-like diaper in my pants. I didn't learn about tampons until I joined the Navy and a co-worker gave me a brief how-to lesson on using them. I also had a roommate to try to help. Well, I never completely got it right. I began to wonder if I had two or three entry areas because I was definitley sticking it somewhere, but it wasn't doing the job!

To all the mothers of girls, please share with your daughters about their bodies. My mother married extremely young and didn't know what to tell me. Yes, I have boys, but we study puberty books and talk openly about body parts and sex. I'm not sure if I would be the same with a girl because I was an adult with children before I felt comfortable with my own body and how it worked, so how could I share the beauty, complexity, and amazement of a woman's body to a young girl?

I wrote this post after visiting Ms. Wanda and reading her post titled, The Tampon Saga - you gotta read it for yourself.

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