A Yelling Mama

Firstborn, now 13, never went through the terrific twos, but he definitely had a season of trying threes. I was crazy about my son and could hardly stand him at the same time.

It was during these glorious toddler years that I turned into a yelling mama. I didn't realize I yelled at my little one until a close friend/mother heard me yell at him through the phone and told me to stop yelling. Well, yelling was the only way I knew to get this little person to pay attention to anything I was saying.

- Nobody told me toddlers ignore, defy, and test the patience of their mother.

- Nobody told me toddlers express anger and frustration when restrained from doing what they want to do.

- Nobody told me toddlers often say "No!" to almost everything but don't necessarily mean it.

- Nobody told me not to expect or ask too much of my toddler in the control of his behavior.

- Nobody told me toddlers are not ready to respond to direct questions and commands.

- Nobody told me toddlers have no sense of time.

- Nobody told me toddlers have a stubborn sense of possession.

Just think...if I had been half way aware of these things I may not have expected my little person to be obedient and I may not have yelled so much. The thought of a completely obedient toddler is quite comical to me now.

Now when I see mothers of little people getting frustrated with their toddlers, I kindly smile and say, "They're supposed to act like that." I then gladly walk away feeling grateful to have graduated from that season of motherhood.

As I seek help in my season of teenage years, I will not forget the path I've already travelled. To all the dear young mothers of toddlers...this is your season. Try to refrain from anger, impatience, and yelling. Now that somebody told you to expect these actions, deal with it in a firm, but loving and friendly way.

Praying for patience always helps also!

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