Broken Pieces

Whitney Houston was a classy lady with elegance, but then life happened to her. Not only was she in an unhealthy relationship, but drugs became a part of her life. This was unfortunate, but after recently listening to her latest song, I Look To You, one can only acknowledge God’s hand on her life.

This particular song gives honor to where her strength comes from and although she doesn't say the name of Jesus or God, who else can she be referring to as 'you' in her song? Who else has put her broken pieces back together again?

No man, parent, friend, or inner strength can take something broken and make it more beautiful than it was before. No thing or no one can do for me what my God does for me - not my God!

I stopped looking at Whitney’s life and looked at my own broken situations and relationships. I also, have been broken - more than once. My bad choices brought me to my knees and made me look up. Over and over again, my broken seasons show God's power in my life and have only strengthened and prepared me for the next broken season. All my broken pieces have made a beautiful life.

Mothers not only endure their own brokenness, but must also endure the broken seasons of their children, grandchildren, and even husbands. We have no choice, but to look up for strength, power, and energy to endure. I choose to look to my Heavenly Father for my strength.

Listen to the words of this song from a once broken, yet classy lady and have a marvelous Monday in Motherhood.

Psalm 121:2 (NKJV)
My help comes from the Lord, Who made heaven and earth.

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