A Day Off

Can you say RELAX?

Well, not only can I say it, but I did it - today.

It's been a busy week of football practices and meetings, and the week ended with two sick boys. One has a sinus infection plus ear infection and the other has flu-like symptoms. Needless to say, this nurse maid is TIRED!

My day of relaxation allowed me to focus on my husband being out in the world working hard for his money to support our family. I often take him for granted, but today was NOT one of those ungrateful days. Thank you, hubby!

I also thought about my exhausting working days in the Navy and how grateful I am to be retired. Thank you, Lord!

Relaxation definitely renews the mind and refuels the body for endless mom/wife duties and responsibilities. I will enjoy this guilt-free day of relaxation because tomorrow is another day.

Whether it be for an entire day, an hour, or a 15 minute power nap - relaxation is necessary to continue doing what mothers do---everything!

Add this to your to-do list - RELAX

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