Do You Do This?

I checked around on a few other blogs and noticed I'm not alone in this, so don't say you've never done it. Yes you have!

Hubby does a great job keeping me grounded and he brought this to my attention. When making reference to OUR sons in conversation, emails, or blog posts, I almost always refer to them as MY sons. Why do I feel so comfortable leaving my husband out of his part in making OUR children? Hmm...I thought long and hard about this and came to a few conclusions.

  • It's understood that MY means OUR - is it?
  • Everyone knows hubby helped make OUR sons - do they really?
  • Since I'm speaking of myself, I'm referring to my part of OUR boys - yeah, right!
  • It's grammatically correct - is it?
  • It's easier to say MY children rather than my husband's and my children - definitely!
  • It doesn't matter - yes, it does.

I actually apologized to hubby. I also mentioned to him that maybe I should title the blog, Mom's and Pop's Peacebites to make it easier on me (lol). Anyway, it is definitely something I'll think about while I homeschool my secondborn today - oops...OUR secondborn!

Have you noticed doing this and what's your reason for doing it?

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