Hubby Headlines

Hubby asked me not to use him as my topic of discussion, but I continually tell him he is a hot topic and an important aspect of MOMSWEB. Surely, I can’t share being a mother and leave my role as a wife out – Miss Wife is part of the package and hubby reluctantly agreed.

Not all women experience bliss in marriage and many struggle and have to fight for their marriage; I am included in this group. I recently read a blog where a wife said her husband got on her nerves almost daily. I chucked at her statement because hubby will often ask me if I like him and my answer will be, “No, not today, but I love you.” Hubby and I are a complex mix...oil and water...sweet and and cold.

Not long ago, I shared how I would be putting more happy in my happily married and I must admit after fifteen years of marriage, I'm happier today than I've ever been. What's changed? I would have to say it's being completely honest, open, and bold with hubby about my feelings in our marriage. Letting my needs be known instead of hoping hubby will one day get it has definitely opened new doors of communication. Also, trying to out-serve my husband has put me back at the top of his priority chain. Hmmm...what goes around comes around. Oooouch! I finally decided not to settle for an average, surviving marriage, but I desired to experience a unique thriving marriage - a marriage designed by God.

Hubby use to bring me a purple rose-like flower every Friday before we got married. It's been a loooong time since I've seen that beautiful flower and I thought we would end up singing the lyrics to You Don't Bring Me Flowers Anymore performed by Neil Diamond and Barbara Streisand, but recently, instead of coming home for lunch, hubby came home with not one, but three flowers for me - just because. Looks like someone else is feeling more happy in their happily married life also. The only way to lose in marriage is to quit.

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