I Lost Control

Would you admit to losing control with your children from time to time? Thank God Momsweb strives to be a non-condemning home for mothers because a mother recently shared that she lost control with her child. The child used a few choice words, topped with ugly attitude and disrespect. She said if anyone saw her they would have called the police.

Before you get on your high horse, you too, if honest, can admit to losing control with your children at least once - whether physcially or verbally. Our journey is rewarding, but raising children is not easy. Every mother is tested and tried by her children. Whether it's a baby that won't stop crying, a toddler approaching the terrific twos, or a tricky teenager, the child knows which buttons are our 'drive me crazy' buttons and knows exactly when to push them.

Whether you choose to say you lose control, lose your temper, go off, have a fit, or yell and scream, it all boils down to the fact that mothers are human. Unfortunately, our loving, nurturing role does not excuse us from the emotions of anger, frustration, irritation, or agitation. Once we accept this and realize we aren't alone (if mothers are honest), dealing with it becomes easier.

One incident usually isn't the cause of us losing control. Several things have already happened or we might be dealing with something having nothing to do with the child at all. It sure helps to take control of our situation before we lose control of ourselves.

Watch for the signs - know your limit! Walk away if you have to or bite your tongue, sing, pray, walk in a closet and scream, count to ten, do five jumping jacks, whatever it takes!

Of course I shared with this mother how I too, have lost control - more than once. Being the founder of an organization for mothers only means I'm tested more! I have little patience when it comes to my children being disrespectful - in actions or words. If they want to act ugly, they better do it in their room - out of our sight. This Mama is loving, but this Mama doesn't play. I remind them of just how out of control I can be!

Have a wonderful weekend in Motherhood and take control before you lose control.