Sweet Obedience

Baking comfort cookies, brownies, and cakes is something I truly enjoy doing, but this weekend I walked away from my baking business. For a while, a generous business owner gave me the use of his commercial kitchen to run my dessert shop, but when the business workload overloaded me, I closed it and baked out of my home. I seemed to receive more business from home than I did in the shop, so I knew God was blessing me. So what’s the problem you ask? Well, Florida State Laws don’t permit baking and selling out of the home without strict commercial specifications being met. I would have to add on to my home to fully meet these standards.

I struggled with this and prayed often in regards to what God wanted me to do. Since new customers kept contacting me, I knew without a doubt, that God’s answer was to stay in business and that everything was okay. After all, so many other bakers and caterers were conducting business out of their home, so why couldn't I? I figured if God wanted to crumble my cookies, He could at anytime. Right? Well, not exactly. Although God had the power to close my business, I now realize after many months of waiting on God’s answer, He was waiting on me – to walk in obedience.

It’s so easy to validate wrong doing. It’s so easy to find comfort in sin. It's so easy to blend in with the crowd, but My Heavenly Father expects more from me; I am called to be an example. Isn't this what we tell our children? Sigh...such a heavy load, but the load of guilt is heavier.

It’s not easy sharing this decision with faithful customers and I’ll miss the profit, but it sure is a great feeling to allow firstborn and secondborn to watch their mother make a decision to do the right thing - in spite of what others are doing and saying. Living in obedience will never compare to teaching obedience. Uh...can I effectively teach it without living it?

After deciding to make a clean cut from the baking business, I have a sigh of sweet obedience and relief. If God wants me to have a baking business, He'll have to open new doors without my help. I enjoy sharing my dessert gifts more than selling them anyway!

This Life Lesson for LaVender is a new beginning of a closer, sweeter walk in obedience for my entire family and it begins with me. Obedience invites peace - perfect peace.

Have a Marvelous Monday in Motherhood and let's strive to live in obedience!

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