He'll Learn

Firstborn has a job to cut a neighbor's yard every other Friday. If he's busy on Friday, he cuts the grass on Saturday morning. Well, yesterday was Friday and there wasn't a lawn mower to be seen. Firstborn had absolutely nothing to do, but he was nice enough to let the neighbor know his grass would be cut in the morning.

I wanted to tell him to go ahead and cut the grass anyway, but this was a wonderful lesson for him in time management and procrastination. Well, it's Saturday morning and guess what? It's pouring down rain. I asked Firstborn how he felt about not cutting the grass on yesterday and his reply was, "I don't know. How should I feel?' Glaaaad you asked, son!

In my most lovingly motherly voice, I shared with him the popular phrase about putting off for tomorrow what we can do today. I tried my best not to preach or talk at him, but to talk to him and pour another valuable lesson in his back pocket. I even slipped in a quick lesson on keeping his word and responsibility and then I shut up. I have a bad habit of being long-winded with the boys, but this time was short and to the point. I didn't want to lose his attention; after all....he asked!

It's hard for a mother to stand by and watch her children make mistakes and wrong choices, but at a certain age in their life, we must stand on the sidelines and hope all our coaching will resurface. A mother will always offer suggestions and advice, but at the same time allow them to make their own decisions.

Hopefully, Firstborn has learned his lesson. Not only is the neighbor's yard not cut, but Firstborn won't get paid the money he was expecting this weekend. Ha! He'll learn!

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