Monday Meditation - I Need You

As most mothers do with their children, I try to let Firstborn and Secondborn know I am always here for them. If they ever need help with anything, they know they can ask Mama.

Well, my proud words were recently put to the test!

Secondborn was on the computer attempting to enter a contest and I was in the kitchen cooking. I can easily monitor the computer from the kitchen and I usually don’t have to stop what I’m doing if he needs help, but this particular day was different.

For some reason, Secondborn needed more help than I was willing to give with this awkward contest form. I tried to continue cooking while answering his questions, but only allowed myself to get agitated because I was tired of being interrupted. I wanted to finish cooking and get out of the kitchen and he wanted to complete his contest form, so he could click the submit button.

He thought his task was important and I thought mine was more important.

I failed at trying to hide my frustration of being interrupted, but this didn’t stop him from asking for help. After receiving several 'wait a minutes' from me, he says in his most helpless voice, “Mama, I need your help.” I came out of the kitchen, sat next to him, and helped him complete his contest form.

We completed the form and he smiled as he clicked the submit button. He was relieved and Lord knows I was also.

I haven’t been able to get Secondborn’s voice out of my head. I hear him saying over and over, “Mama, I need you. Mama, I need you.” Children depend on mothers more than we'll ever know. We've got to let them know we 'have their backs' - especially as they grow older.

My earlier agitation for not wanting to be disturbed only made me think of my Heavenly Father and the countless children He has needing His help. WOW!

I’m so thankful God is always available to me. I’m so thankful God doesn’t tire of me calling His name. I’m so thankful He is never too busy for my constant pleas for help. I’m even more thankful that God is nothing like me. Not only will he help me, but he knows what I need before I ask! What an awesome example of parenting!

Today, the old, popular hymn, "I Need Thee Every Hour" rings in my head as I try to remember to be a mother that is available - not agitated.

Matthew 6:8(NKJV)
For your Father knows the things you have need of before you ask Him.

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