What Are You Teaching?

Just because a woman has a baby doesn't mean she knows everything about being a mother. Although we were given natural nurturing instincts, we learn something new everyday. Our greatest resource for learning is each other. Our own mothers, the seasoned mothers in our life, and those wise women willing to share their experiences are precious gems to be treasured on our motherhood journey.

Raising Mothers is an e-newsletter published by Momsweb, which is another avenue to encourage and offer support. The name of the e-newsletter alone reminds us regardless of what stage of motherhood we're in, we're in this lifelong learning/teaching mode together.

Several bloggers have posts highlighted in the e-newsletter that offer an encouraging word. If you have an archive or recent blog post that can help another mother, simply follow Mom's Peace Bites to make your blog available.

We all have something to offer - single mothers, step mothers, foster mothers, divorced mothers, mothers of teens, mothers of toddlers, mothers of newborns, mothers of adopted children, mothers of adult children, and especially grandmothers who have already traveled the road ahead of us.

Our encouraging words are also shared with mothers-to-be and the women with a desire to one day be a mother. Have you thought about it? What are you teaching the younger woman? Share your life lessons!

Visit Raising Mothers today and pass the word!

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