What's In Your Locker?

Since Firstborn started public school, I've always wondered what was in his locker.

He perfectly fits the mold of the messy teenager with the completely dirty, sloppy, smelly room, so I feared what his school locker would look and smell like.

He's on the football team and I hardly ever see his practice shorts, sooooo are they in the locker smelling up the hallway? Maybe gum and candy wrappers with a trail of ants coming from outside? Perhaps important papers I need to sign or phone numbers from pestering little girls?

This is a picture of him opening his locker on Orientation Day. I had him open it twice to make sure he could get it open. They only have a few minutes to get from one class to another, so Protective Mama was going to make sure firstborn gets to class on time without excuses.

Well, recently I asked what he was keeping in his locker and guess what? Orientation Day was the first and last time firstborn has opened his locker. He's been carrying his books around from class to class in his backpack. Tooo funny! He said the locker was stuck and didn't want to take a chance at being late for his classes, so he doesn't even use it.

Poor baby, his parents have put the fear of tardiness in his mind, so he's probably too nervous to take his time to open the locker that probably isn't stuck at all. Good grief!

What am I going to do about it? Not a thing...at least I know his locker is clean!
By the way, he's enjoying public school and is quite excited about it all. He's doing well in all his classes and doesn't seem to miss his Mama or homeschooling at all. Darn!

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