Monday Meditation - An On Time Tardiness

Saturday morning I opened my eyes, thanked God for another day, looked at the clock, and begged hubby to tell me I wasn't reading 10:45 AM on the clock. Unfortunately, he assured me the time was correct, so I jumped out of bed.

I have never, ever slept past 10 AM in the morning, not even in my teenage years, but this morning I did. It would have been okay if it had not been a morning I was scheduled to be somewhere at 11:30 AM. It would have been okay if I had not been asked to share with others about the power of a mother's peace of mind in the midst of chaos.

As I scrambled to get myself dressed, I thought how comical God could be at the wrong times. Every weekday morning, He awakens me between four and five in the morning, but not this morning. Nooooo, this morning when I’m scheduled to be at our city’s Peace Fest, I awake at 10:45 AM.

As I hurriedly gathered my things, I prayed and asked God how in the world I was supposed to speak about peace on a morning I was struggling to find my own peace. I began to question why He didn’t wake me on time. Why today, Lord?

Well, I continued driving and praying and received a profound Life Lesson for LaVender, which was…the message you need to share is in your present circumstance. Wow! Lord, you woke me up late on purpose? My tardiness was actually…on time? Wait a minute. Lord, you want me to share my morning mayhem? Talk about being real!

Still driving, I did some breathing exercises to calm me and stayed in prayer. I eventually arrived at the Peace Fest, found my table, and set up – in peace. I was blessed the entire day as I shared the power of peace in the midst of mayhem. Isn't if funny how things always, always work out?

Whatever God has in store for you this day, remember your peace is your power. Even when things don’t appear right, God is in control, He doesn't make mistakes, and the Prince of Peace will assure you – it’s already alright!

I Corinthians 14:33 (NIV)

For God is not a God of disorder but of peace...

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