Keeping the PEACE and My PIECE of Mind With My Teen

Last night, I popped my head in Firstborn's room to see what he was doing and look what I saw! He was doing homework! I know there is a God!

Look closely and you'll see Firstborn's cell phone on the floor next to him. He was also texting

The CD player in front of him was blasting with music. Thank God for Gospel Rap

My first thought was to be the Mama I usually am and say, "Firstborn, put the cell phone away. How in the world can you do homework and text at the same time? Get your priorities straight! Who are you texting anyway? Why is the music so loud? How can you concentrate? Why are you sitting on the floor? Sit at the table or at the desk, so you can concentrate and have a decent environment for studying! Look at this nasty room! How can you think straight? It stinks!"

The mama I'm trying to be said this, " "

That's right, I didn't say a word. I smiled and gave him a thumbs up! I allowed Firstborn to be Firstborn and this is what he gave me in return. A big smile (with some foreign object in his mouth) and the peace signal.

Yep, I'm slowly learning to pick my battles and keep the peace with my sweet teen!
This mama will survive!

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