Do your children lie to you?

I did a little research on compulsive lying after talking to a mother about her teenager constantly lying to her - about everything. It's one thing to lie out of fear of punishment or to get something you really want, but to lie about everything is habitual and can actually be a disorder.

Little lies, big lies, bad lies, good lies, white lies, necessary lies, occasional lies, boldface lies, etc...

A LIE IS A LIE and lies hurt.

Hubby and I always tell the boys they will get in less trouble if they tell us the truth, but if we find out about a lie they've told, they will really get it. Regardless of what type of foundation you have in your relationship with your children, they will lie to you at least once - they're human. Don't forget, you told a fib or two yourself!

I remember my adolescent years and I definitely told my share of lies. I was a good girl and hardly ever did wrong in my parent's eyes, but I lied to them! Yeah, they caught me a few times, but some lies I got away with - at least I thought I did. Parents just seem to know and mothers have that special gift of intuition that we don't use enough.

It's best to begin instilling the importance of TRUTH in the younger years. No, it's not cute when toddlers lie. That same cute lie turns ugly as the child grows older. Mothers help build character when we teach our children about truthfulness/honesty. If we plant in their heads just how damaging and painful lies can be, it won't be so easy to lie as adults. Don't forget, we're raising someone's husband or wife!

To tell the truth, it's easy to lie, but when you've been taught the importance and benefits of TRUTH, the desire to lie is much less.

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