Monday Meditation - Do You Love Me?

Do you love me?

How many times have you asked your children or husband this question? Better yet, do you think they wonder about your love for them? It amazes me when I think about the countless number of children God has and how He loves each one of us as individuals. He knows exactly what we need to feel His love and exactly how to deliver it to make us feel special.

I only have two children in my care and I sometimes forget they require love in different ways. One likes physical touch and the other needs to receive compliments.

Now hubby, as most men do, enjoys physical touch- anyway he can get it. Hubby is a happy man when I speak his language!

I learned to recognize these different forms of love through a class called the Five Love Languages offered through the church we attend. Hubby and I have taken the class and facilitated it several times, and my church is offering it again. I love this class and hope I can convince hubby to take the class again because it reminds us to speak our spouse's love language and to put their needs before our own. Who doesn't need a refresher course in this?

Mothers have so many things requiring our attention, and it's easy to forget that everyone in the house speaks a different love language. I know - something else for a mother to do!

When I consider God's love for me, I can't help wanting to express love to others - beginning in my home.

- Thinking of God's love for me gives me the desire to continually cook, clean, and nurture my family - that's love!

- Thinking of God's love for me gives me the desire to love them when they aren't so lovable- that's love!

- Thinking of God's love for me empowers me to love my family when I feel taken advantage of as a mother - that's love!

- Thinking of God's love for me gives me the strength and energy to wake up another Monday morning and do this all over again...just because - that's love!

As we begin another week, let's remember God's love for us and allow Him to empower us to create an environment of love in our home - His love. Let's also identify and speak the love languages of those in our care.

Have a loving, marvelous Monday in Motherhood!

Psalm 103:8 (NIV)
The Lord is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love.

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